Ishøj Vikingemarked

Tilmelding for vikinger/aktører

Ishøj Vikingemarked

Tilmelding for vikinger/aktører

Information in English

Welcome to the website of Ishøj Vikingemarked.

For almost two decades Ishøj Vikingemarked has been an annual event.

Authenticity is important to us and we encourage that all plastic is hidden and stashed away during opening hours.

We have a bar with fair viking prices. All drinks must be drunk from your own viking cup/glass.

You will be offered a full breakfast and fruit and vegetable for lunch (which is to be picked up at breakfast). Saturday evening there will be a feast for all vikings. Bring your own dishes and cutlery. For the feast we recommend that you wear your viking finest/newest.

Let us know if you are a vegan/vegetarian.

If you want you can order dinner Friday evening, just let us know in the registration. Cost:

Payment will happen upon arrival, along the participation fee.

Animals are welcome at our market. Not for sale! Dogs has to be on leash at all times. Remember to fill out this in the registration.

Upon arrival you have to pay 40, DKK per adult (12 y.o.+).

Arrival is Friday. Departure is Sunday after all common tents have been taken down and chores are done.

If you sell any foods or beverages let us know in the registration.

Ishøj vikingemarked

Ishøj Tange

Havhytten Naturcenter

Skovvej 53

2635 Ishøj

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